I feel sad because I know people who have been affected by the bushfires. My pregnant boss lost her home. The NUM on our ward lost friends and their children. The horror is very real and very close to home. God bless the people who survived, may they find small comfort in the wishes and help they receive. God speed to those who passed, especially the little children, and I hope that the fear and suffering was brief. I have let my heart be heavy for them.

Yet, I feel happy because I know how lucky I am.

On lighter notes:

  • Run club today – did some hills and did ’em well. 🙂
  • I am frequently asked “can’t you just give [relative] a pill to make them better?” To which I reply: Sir/Madam, if I had such a pill, I would have used it already. The pill is on my wish list, along with the magic wand, the crystal ball and the ability to be in multiple places at once. (I feel super guilty for this mini rant but it is semi-humorous.)
  • I had some emergency cakencoffee with my resident and the NUM, she had come to work but was very distressed. A minor blow-out to the calorie consumption.

I saw a blog today by LBTEPA (no idea what that stands for….) about 10 things to be grateful for….she writes 10 things down each entry….here goes!

  1. A nice brekky
  2. A lovely hubby
  3. A shiny clean car (thanks to item #2)
  4. A good run
  5. Happy time watching the sun shine behind the clouds in between hill repeats.
  6. A good home
  7. Good stuff on telly tonight (Underbelly)
  8. A sony bravia 42 inch telly to watch it on.
  9. Good colleagues
  10. My health

That was easy 🙂

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  1. yeah, these fires have been devastating. a friend of mine grew up out that way and she said people she went to school with had died. so sad and horrifying. i thought i had problems till this weekend, and then mine paled in comparison. i count myself lucky.

  2. I just looked at the newspaper. I had to stop reading the stories otherwise I would have been a sooky mess in the staff kitchen 😳

    Devastating, just devastating.

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