I have just seen a photo in of one of my old bosses, a professor of medicine at a major Melbourne hospital. He is missing, feared dead. If it comes to pass, it will be a big loss to the hospital. I am quite shaken. Quite upset, even though I didn’t know him very 

Was tired and grumpy at work today. I counted the hours to get home and go to pilates. I nearly fell asleep at one point in pilates but hey, it is lying down!

This morning, hubby was complaining about how much money I spent. I was justifying it with “I buy food to cook; left to your devices we will be eating Nando’s every night”. I then quipped – OK – how ’bout I sit at home not spending money and not making money either??? He shut up then. 

Things I am grateful for

  1. The smell of rainfall through my open window
  2. turning leftover bolognese sauce into chilli con carne
  3. The wine left in the bottle which I will be partaking of over NCIS
  4. My birkies
  5. The fact that nobody I am very close to died in those fires (actually this ought to be #1)
  6. The stretch session at the end of Pilates
  7. That tomorrow is wednesday, and wednesday is nearly friday
  8. I get to do a round with my boss, who I quite like
  9. I am losing some weight
  10. That NCIS is on now and I better go watch!

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