Phone on the blink :(


Not a good weekend for this, being on call and all.

Bushfires have caused lots of devastation. Quite a few of our “customers” come from the areas that were worst hit. I know that one of my bosses (who has a hubby, a 2 year old and one on the way) has lost her home. Think I might go buy a present for the little boy. Something to put a smile on his face, he would have been pretty frightened.

Went to body-step class today, powered through it like a pro if I don’t say so myself ๐Ÿ™‚

Have lost 0.5kg despite multiple indiscretions this week. Yah!

Had pizza, chocs and wine today to continue in this vein.

A visit to JB hifi at DFO – bought the first three series of NCIS. There was nearly a scrag-fight in the carpark – would have been entertaining to watch hehehehehe.

Watched the heffas (sorry, the Biggest Loser….am starting to be politically incorrect), they all lost big kilos this week. Then SYTYCD – love it. Particularly love Don, the little B-boy. Very funny.

There was a debate on the radio the other day (FOX fm so not actually that serious) about whether it was right to call people “fat”. People were up in arms, most of them saying “it’s not their fault” and they might have “a medical condition”. This, in fact, is actually quite rare and usually quite obvious when it does occur! Unless there is a medical condition called “eats too much and moves too little”. I am being controversial but I am sure you guys would agree that it’s hard, but takes self control and a sense of responsibility! “Fat” is just yellow blobby stuff that sits on my bum, saddlebags and thighs, but has all sorts of connotations.

Enough now.

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  1. The whole debate over calling someone fat is so stupid. If a word is used to put someone down, it’s not going to change if the language changes. It’s the attitude behind the word.

  2. I don’t very often do body step as it’s such a popular class at the gym and it always really busy. I like a bit of space around me, and it always looks way too crowded for my liking ๐Ÿ™„

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