What an amazing couple of days!

arrived in Siem Reap on the 29th and went out for a all you can eat barbecue.

Then up at 0500 to see Angkor Wat in sunrise. We saw all the amazing temples, Bayon, Ta Prohm etc.

The following day we went to Tonle Sap lake and had a cruise about on the top of the boat. There were floating villages there, with people rowing from houseboat to houseboat. It seemed quite impoverished there and I felt bad taking photos, but the people seemed to want for nothing and looked happy and well nourished. We then went to a dinner at a person’s house and had delicious cambodian food. All the neighbourhood children came to greet us, showing us pictures they had drawn and making jewellery out of palm leaves for the girls. They were so excited to see us that a little girl grabbed me by the hand as we were walking there and dragged me along. They were beautiful children who loved playing.

Yesterday – off to Phnom Penh.Took in the russian markets and haggled some bargains.

Today, saw the very moving Genocide museum and the Khmer Rouge Killing fields, then off to the royal palace – amazing indochinese architecture.

Had a lunch in an extremely dodgy place which the tour guide thought would be good because locals were there. They stared openly at us.

The poverty here is very confronting and it is quite a culture shock. People maimed by landmines, mothers with naked babies, small children beg for money. We have been told that if we want to help them, donate to an NGO to get them off the street. I definitely will. We had dinner at places that sponsored orphaned children and got them into work.

This keyboard is filthy. Thank god for waterless hand wash.

Better go drink some beer now.

P.S. Phnom Penh is the only capital city in the world, I think, where you will be woken at 0500 to the crowing of a rooster.

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