chillin” in changi!


It is  0645 in singapore. I feel very buoyant for a lass who has had no sleep.

We managed to squeeze ourselves into the earlier flight today, so we get to see Angkor wat properly!

Here at changi there is a transit hotel, so we can shower, s**t, shave and sleep (in 6 hour blocks).

We have just had a grease filled brekky as Mr. Sassy felt he could not go on without “proper” food.

I had a free electronic foot massage

It’s happy days. St. Christopher has smiled upon us.

God bless Changi Airport. As Mr Sassy said, it is the “Anti-perth”. Our piddly airports could learn a thing or two from SE asia. It has free wireless internet!!

God bless Singapore, and God bless the fact that there are no impending Coups d’etat here.

God bless the internet. It never says “no, you can’t book the trip”. It is the great equaliser.


I feel like a contestant on race around the world.

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