steamy saigon!


Made it to vietnam yesterday via boat along the mighty mekong river, about a 5 – 6 hour ride. We went from Phnom Penh to Chau Doc. Lovely and relaxing sitting on the breezy rear part of the boat. Opted into a motorbike ride (on the back, that is) up to the top of Sam Mountain. As I was getting on the bike I remembered that I had never been on one before and that I was scared shitless of motorbikes after seeing some of the injuries they can cause. I did not know the vietnamese term for “slow the fuck down” and I am sure the driver thought I was a hysterical twit. He was going very fast, but I learned that this was to get us to the top of the mountain for the sunset, and we were duly rewarded with a stunning one. After a lazy beer to calm the nerves, we descended.

A long ride in to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) today, it is hot, crowded, loud but very lovable. I will wait and see what the rest of the trip brings!

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