Fingers and toes crossed.


The weather forecast is crapola for SiS3.

I really wanna go….but don’t wish to trudge about in driving wind and rain…..

Just came back from seeing Nanna again, my auntie and cousin were telling me that she was not well and I needed to see her, but if anything she was better than last time. She has new hearing aids which help her immensely. She is very cute and funny in her own way. She knew me, but not hubby. She commented on what a good looking bloke he is and said I was very lucky. I think the main issue with auntie is that she cannot handle the fact that nanna is deteriorating (it’s nobody’s fault) and my cousin is a bit of an angry person. She has been sending angry letters to the facility in which my nanna lives. I made a point of telling Nanna’s carers that they were doing a good job, they obviously care for her and have known her all their lives (small country town). Honey attracts more flies than vinegar.

Had dinner at auntie’s house last night, she cooked a pavlova, as per special request from me. It was my favourite childhood food. I had a shitload of it and between the 5 of us we finished it off. Yummmmm.

4 more days to Nam and Cam. Antimalarials were out of stock at the pharmacy, need to go back and get them.

Early night tonight. The contingency exercise plan is step class. I love it. It sends me to my happy place.

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  1. Go in and do SiS3! If I can do the run around Albert Park in the horrible weather you can do SiS3! 🙂 Imagine how good you’ll feel having applied yourself in challenging weather and finishing it.

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