6 days till ‘Nam and Cam.


That is Vietnam and Cambodia. Very exciting.

Went to running training last night, much better for having let the spot of bronchitis subside. I would like to get a run in tomorrow morning before work – I am doing SiS 3 on Sunday and want it to be a sub-58 minute run. 
Yes – Sub 58 minutes.

It is good to see others are romantics too! It is not dead!

Got haircut last night – very chic, sort of cut into the back and longer at the front. One of the owners of the salon I go to has a dog, a staffordshire terrier, called Peaches. The dog could be considered a friendly member of staff as she is always there and patting her is the best thing about going to the hairdresser (that, and the head massage and the odd tipple of wine).

Went to see James B(l)ond film tonight after work – always good to perve on Daniel Craig but the last one was better – more of a storyline and more cool action sequences.

Ugggh. Tired. Will go to bed but need to check that Mr. Sassy is doing his essay. It is due tomorrow.

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