A better than frickin’ awesome run!


I called my last SiS run frickin’ awesome, and this one was better.

The weather looked menacing but it held out for us.

I started well back, about a minute after the horn.

A slow first 4 km in about 28 and a half minutes.

A slow 5th K.

Ramped it up at about 5.5km, walked through the drink station and ramped it up further.

6th and 7th K were pretty fast.Ā 

8km I flew through, running up the birrarung marr hill.Ā 

Finished in 57:25 by my watch, which is a PB by about a minute from last time. Not bad 1 week after bronchitis.

I am very happy šŸ™‚

3 days to V and C.

Addit 2142 hrs: Have just seen “Spirit of the Marathon” via the tix that I won. Soooo gonna do a marathon. Maybe next year’s melb marathon????

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  1. Well done on the run.
    Don’t be too hasty about jumping into marathons though, they are a lot of hard work. Build yourself a good base first, and then launch into it.
    You’ve done really well in a relatively short space of time, keep at it and you’ll keep seeing those PB’s tumble.

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