Body strong, credit card weak.


Back to the land of the living. Interviewing interns for junior resident posts. They all say how much they love their jobs. The cynical side of me wants to say “A few more years of work will sort that out”. They all want to do high-stress, high power, sexy specialties such as gastroenterology, cardiology and infectious diseases. Now cardiology, I get. Plenty of people with heart disease. Big moolah. But ID?? Go to Africa!. I picked a low stress, unsexy specialty (geriatrics), and I am glad I did. Plenty of work there. They will learn that work is not everything, it only pays for the holidays and other nice stuff.

Speaking of which, I am off to Gwinganna in 10 days. Have just paid for it on the plastic. If my credit card could talk, it would probably say “ouch”.

Just did some low impact cross training (as recommended by head coach Brian), 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer. I just kept crankin’ the level up to get some sweat happening, but my heart rate only got up to about 140, where previously it would have gotten up to 160 or so. My face was not even the fluoro red it goes after exercise. Definitely getting fitter 🙂 Off to do 70 min pilates class.

Anyone get the concept of tidying for the cleaner? He is coming tomorrow so I need to do some tidying. He can’t get to the floor to mop it if there is crap all over the place. I try explaining that to hubby but he doesn’t get it. Must be a bloke thing.

Off I go……

P.S. I love tuesday night telly. It kicks arse over monday night telly. Particularly after last night with the Brownlow Shenanigans. I watched all the scrubbers WAGS flaunting their goodies. Luv a red carpet.

P.P.S. I have had two small cartons of milk today…one chocolate, one strawberry. Yes I know that is excessive but after drinking soy for a while I am craving cow juice. I gotta say, strawberry is overrated. Choccy milk rocks… chocolate, but less fat and more nutritious. And yes, I have reduced fat. And no, the milk craving does not mean I am preggers.

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  1. Some of those girls on the red carpet would have a problem finding a brain between them, wouldn’t they!

    As you get fitter, it certainly gets harder to get the heart rate up, harder to burn as many calories etc.

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