Haircuts, skinny pants and fartleks.


Very disparate topics!

A whoopee moment this morning. My usual black pants were all crinkly and caked with some washing powder. So I looked into my closet with some trepidation and saw my old black pants, the ones I could get into when I lost some weight previously (mainly through stress). I tried em on, and they fitted…well, they were a tiny bit tight around the waist, but still eminently wearable. Last time I attempted to put them on, they had the unfortunate wedgie and camel-toe effect. Not good. So I strutted about in my skinnier black pants proudly.

went to get the chop today, I had quite long hair before now I have a sleek bob a bit like katie homes. Tres chic.

Straight from the hairdresser I went to run training, Paul gave me fartleks to do. My mistakes

1. I forgot my watch.

2. I started out waaaaaaaay tooo fast and gave myself sore shins.

3. I messed up the new ‘do.

I think what I need to do is just get used to the fact that there is more than one speed of running. I will try some intervals on the tready, the slow one a bit slower than my normal speed, and the fast one a bit faster than normal speed. 

little but definite improvements…… 

9 days to gwinganna……

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  1. Who gives a shit about the fartleks- you did them and that’s the important thing. You fit into those pants and got a new do! HELL YEAH! You should be feeling the Bomb.

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