Just did my first (and last) night shift in a while. ‘Twas Shite. Horrendously busy.

I feel the need to debrief, but slagging off my workplace in a public forum is potentially a sackable offence….however, they are so short staffed that they will probably beg for me to come back.:)

I am very tired and have been put through my paces by an exacting boss. Just what you need when you have been awake for 24 hours.

The wind is out of my sails. Need snooze. Running tonight. Yay.

Addit 1615hrs: Have had a few hrs sleep, feel a bit better, but my eyes have a horrible gritty night duty feeling. Am patting myself on the back, was an extremely busy night but I kept things under control and there were no major (or, in fact, minor) disasters. More importantly, I stayed very calm and in good humour. One cannot be perfect, just do the best they can. It is pissing with rain and windy, and I think I might head to the gym instead of training at Princes park. Need to “run it out” as they say.

Might go watch dexter first…….

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