An addendum – Mal appetit.


I went on my first foray out as a(n annoying) food intolerant with my hubby and a friend. Felt like a bit of a tool ordering wheat free at an Italian Restaurant. I was quite fascinated by the concept of gnocchi with a gluten free alternative. I am quite partial to the gnocchi and am sick of rice. So I ordered. I ended up with gluten free spaghetti and a bland ragu. To my surprise and horror, the spaghetti was frickin crunchy. Crunchy, I tell you! One would think that one of the better Italian restaurants in Melbourne (which shall remain nameless but go under the alias of Enoteca Sileno) could master pasta, even if it is wheat free.


Good thing I’d had the antipasto plate.

So it’s back to Japanese and eating at home. For the moment, anyway.

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