My kingdom for a chocolate biscuit.


Fairly uneventful day today.

Went to education session. They had chocolate biscuits there. I really wanted one but

1. The 10 kilo thing.

2. The wheat/fructan thing.

So I looked at them mournfully for a little while and moved on, had a chat to some people. Previously I would have eaten one without a second thought. I have a strong oculo-chocolate reflex.

The weekend is a’comin. Long run on saturday. Am doing a night shift on sunday. Don’t mind nights apart from the fact that they are at night. No bullshit. Just getting on and doing work. Will also get paid for my projected roster so it is a good bit of cash.

The picture I had posted yesterday has disappeared. Hmmmm. It was a good one.

Think I might get up early and go for some exercise tomorrow morning.

here is the pic that I tried to post yesterday

This is what everybody needs on their desk, all you desk jockeys out there 🙂

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