The things I have learned from running.


Went for a run on the tready today to try and improve my speed a little. I did 30 minutes, with the first 25 being at 9 km/hr and the final 5 at 9.5km/hr.

I am definitely getting fitter.

So I have decided to write up what I have learned from running so that I can go back to it if I ever think about quitting. These are things that I have tried to generalise to the other areas of my life.

1. Patience: Patience is a virtue but not one of my virtues. I wanted to be a do fast times over long distances yesterday. I have learned that that is not the way it works and that the gains are slow but sure. This is the way it must be to avoid injuries. Hopefully this patience can extend to other areas of my life.

2. The power of positive self-talk: When I was down earlier this year, I used to go out to exercise to try to feel better. The problem was that I would say to myself “move your fat arse”. Not good. I would not be friends with a person who said that to me; why say it to myself? Now, I say – “you’re doing good”, “you’re a bloody legend”, “it was slower than I hoped but, hey, I was out there” etc etc. This is much better. I have learned to extend this to other areas of my life. Praise is not always forthcoming, so I need to learn to pat myself on the back.

3. Listening to your body: Stopping when it is getting too much. Not keeping going through pain. We can only do so much. Learning what ache is good and what ache is not so good.

4. Breathing: this cannot be over-emphasised.

5. Eating properly: to run better and generally perform better, I have realised that I must eat better. I have had to make some dietary changes anyway but the good thing is that these are mainly very healthy changes.

6. I can do whatever I put my mind to! Nothing more to say!

It would be good to find out what other people have gained.

Prof being a shit as per usual.

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  1. Hell yes is patience a virtue and do I have it? Hell No, that’s why I got a stress fracture again, I am sure I will learn the 3rd time 🙂

    Now if you ever think of quitting let me know and I’ll be right over to give you a slap.

  2. What? If you’re not running despite everything your body tells you, how can you call yourself a runner?

    Obviously I’m joking!

    If you’ve learnt those things – you are way ahead of many of us – who don’t always act as sensibly.

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