The night before….



  • Went to London marathon medicine conference. I had been invited by the organizers of the marathon. There were about 150-200 health professionals there. I was expecting it to be really dry, but the topics were really interesting. They covered things like eating disorders in elite athletes, The biomechanics of breast bounce, cardiac problems in athletes and they did a case report on amarathoner, presenting all her physiological parameters during and between training, and the changes in them prior to her pb runs.
  • At this conference, I met an Australian trained London GP, and we started chatting. She told me that she started running after the death of both parents (within 1 year through cancer). An amazing woman, and proofthat everybody has a story.  We had a pasta lunch together.
  • Went for a swim in the hotel pool, then bummed about.
  • A pasta party with the other travelers. Had a most amusing discussion re excuses to get out of running (too wet, too dry, too dark, too light, too hot, too cold, too windy, too still, too early, too late, too hungry, too full, too tired, tooawake etc)


My excitement has turned into apprehension….am trying to think happy thoughts. I am scared of pain, exhaustion, failure, and fear itself.

Am looking forward to getting out there….

See you on the other side.

Yes I have set up my kit…..

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