Reflecting pool


Iwent over to an expat friends place for dinner last night. Her fella is a  keen cook, and we had galettes (ham/egg/cheese for main,banana/rum for dessert).

My friend gave me a great compliment- I was expressing my doubts about being able to finish the marathon. She said: ” you have trained, you have come halfway round the world, on your own, that’s very brave, you know”

That made me feel really good.

Today, I was sat in a cafe eating carbs. Alone. And most importantly, quite contented. It is certainly not the first time I have travelled or been alone, but this is the first penny drop of contentedness.

Of course, I love being with people, and would prefer to have somebody to share my experiences with, but I am ok.

It helps that I am connected with people on the phone, Facebook etcetera. But my experience has been rich. No sadness, just reflection, and a bit of emotional incontinence.

I also had a lovely surprise today which made my heart sing, something small,but very big. Something that I want to keep close to my heart.

This arvo, after seeing an exhibition at the Tate modern, I went back to my hotel and did…. Bugger all. Took a bath with Jo Malone bath oil. Lolled about. Ordered room service. Laughed at funny shit on the computer… I couldbeget used to it, bufor doing bugger all isn’t really my thing….

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