Still here. Still running. Still excited.


And I am back on Facebook, mainly to brag about running.

With the injury/lurgy, the running slowed down a bit, but did not stop. I am feeling a bit nervous about the Marathon, mainly because I get emails from other Travelling Fit participants of the London Marathon, talking about their 25km taper runs, or telling me that they could not reply to my initial email because they were flat out with training/work etc.

I feel a bit underdone when I hear that. My confidence is down.

Life continues to happen, even when training for a marathon, even when doing a PhD. These things have me excited, but there are other things, I’ve discovered.

I had been getting busy with my work and running. Moreover, I had just gotten to a place where I felt happy and fulfilled alone. I resented the pitying remarks on facebook about my “new” relationship status. I thought, fuck, man, my life is great, better than it has ever been.

I was going to continue on with the dating stuff, maybe slow it down. But continue; I (mostly) enjoyed it in and of itself, without particular attention to the “end-game”.

A few short weeks ago, a fellow got in contact with me on an internet dating site. There were a few things on the profile that nearly had me sending a “no thanks” return message immediately (will go into that later). But I slept on it, and then decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. I got a prompt email reply. He seemed nice. He was off on holidays and wanted to meet up with me before he went, so we promptly arranged a get together.

Most first dates are a bit like job interviews. This one was not – the conversation flowed freely, pleasantly. How do I write about it without it sounding cliched? I felt excited, not in a heart-pounding butterflies way, but in a comfortable, easy, happy way. We had a lovely night, and a second date was arranged for that weekend. Same again – happy, comfortable.

Long story short, I went to meet him and his (8 and 10 year old) daughters in Hobart, where they were holidaying. A prolonged third date.

There is all the “too soon” stuff that entered my head, but then I thought, hey, what the hell else am I doing this Easter? Nothing! So I went.

I had an amazing, joyous time. Not just sharing it with one person, but with three people. Three great people.

There is more stuff planned, but I feel a bit funny about sharing it. Like I will jinx it or something. I don’t know. There are a lot of emotions gushing around, most of them good.

I had not expected this to happen…..what it will turn out as is hard to say, but it certainly feels good. Easy. Lovely.

Am off to London in five days….this is exciting. So much to do…..

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  1. I’m sure you are very well prepared for the marathon!! Can’t wait to read your blog about it!

    How exciting for you with the romance 🙂 It’s amazing how many people say they stop looking or give up on it, and then it appears.

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