Miss me?


I have been a bit slack, sorry.

Life has been interesting lately. Interesting good. Interesting interesting. A bit of a roller coaster. So much keeps happening and things seem to change week to week. And yes I am being deliberately cryptic.

So, the running. Yes, I am still running.

I did my very last 3 hour run last Sunday the 25th of March. I ran very strongly, for me. Not even the slowest I can run, managed a few kms sub 7 minutes, on the flat. There were quite a few hills. I also finished really strong, with my final 1.5km about 30 sec per km faster than average. So I felt great.

The only problem was some butt and hammy pain. The ITB was nice and quiet.

Last Thursday, I went to the sports doc. He had a good look at me. He did not make too much of a big deal, told me I had some friction symptoms around the lower part of the ITB. Then he had a look at my back, butt and hammies. He said that the pain was likely due to nerve root irritation from a previous slipped disc rather than from the hammy itself. I have been put on a course of celebrex. Hopefully it gets better.

I have come down with a bit of a lurgy – this and the back issues meant that I took the weekend off running. I figure I have my base, just got to keep it ticking over.

Oooh, and last wednesday – a PB in the 4km time trial – I ran 25:10! Usually I am a bit cactus the wednesday after a long run, and not doing too well with speed sessions, but I did alright on that one!

Today, lots of shit to sort out. Am a bit tired. Need a holiday. Heading off to Tassie on the weekend – should be nice!

Not long now, peeps. Not long.

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