Marathons and Michael Buble.


It was a lovely weekend, but very busy. I was thinking of the usefulness of Monday being “Sunday II – the Sequel”. This would be much better.

Friday night – visited my friends Annie and Brian. A is training to be an OBGYN (as they say in Grey’s Anatomy, not that I watch it) and works insane hours. She was understandably a bit ratty but to her credit, she did not pike. Brian took us out for dinner but insisted on playing the Michael Buble Christmas CD. I protested by screaming “make the bad man go away” and covering my ears and going “LALALALALALALALALALALAAAA”, but I capitulated and ended up singing along.

Saturday, I went to the seminar for marathon training held at Running Fit in the city. Great little shop, got all the stuff runners need. I bought some X-socks and a 4 bottle hydration pack. Nothing said in the seminar which surprised or frightened me. I hope I stay injury free, though.

Saturday night, I went to a Christmas party with the PhD gang. Good feed, as per usual, and one of the man-cake students dressed up as Santa – great to see the little kids running up to him. The boss bought the kids all christmas presents which Man-cake Santa gave out. So cute!

Sunday – a catch up with the girls. Then round 2 of roast-off with a friend. My roast lamb and vegies rose to the challenge. It was one of my better ones.

Tonight – day 1 of marathon training at princes park. eeeee. I will keep you all posted!

Heard a good phrase:

“I tried to drown my sorrows, but he learned to swim”.

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  1. I was at a Christmas do where Michael Buble was on rotation – the go-kart club breakup (hello incongruous!). Oooh marathon training! How exciting! You will have such a good time I am sure 🙂

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