(mini)Life stocktake….



4 years to the day since I sat my Physicians exam.

That was an almighty exam, preparing for that set me on a course

  • that would lead to my depression
  • which lead to my running, this blog, and all of youse 🙂
  • that would also lead to a promising career that I love

So it was a momentous day, really.

My work/study life has just taken an interesting and busy turn. I have been offered a session as a physician in a specialist clinic at a leading hospital, the work is related to my PhD, and I have (of course) taken the position. It is major kudos, particularly for a junior consultant, and one trained outside the specialty of this clinic.

I will need to start my clinical trial soon, and I have to write a rebuttal for this. I want $600K for the project, and I gotta show them how much I want, need it.

I have also been invited/made to do a few presentations, which I will need to work on, too.

I know my career won’t keep me warm at night, but I need to put in the work to get it exciting. I have taken full advantage of the “lull” in the work to concentrate on …ahem…personal issues.

There are one or two things I am doing just because I feel I should, because I would feel guilty if I don’t, but they are very draining and take a few precious hours out of my week. They are important, yes, but draining.

I also need to take time to “pad the cilla cave”, to do those things that lift my soul. As a very beautiful, wise friend (she knows who she is) told me, the most important relationship I have at the moment is the one with myself.

So I am going to take a hiatus from the draining, important things to nurture the things I really need to do at the moment.

I am also off to Europe in September. I am presenting a paper in Spain. I am also going to London and Iceland. I have always been fascinated with Iceland. The Icelandic Kronor is not worth the plastic it’s written on, so it will be cheap (for Scandinavia).

So, there are lots of exciting things coming up. I have a lot of pain, but also a lot of excitement. I have a growing sense of excitement, and want to embrace my future, even though, at times, the prospect is frightening.


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  1. Maybe it’s just me but “padding the Cilla cave” sounds a little bit dirty and wrong 😉

    I didn’t know it was relatively cheap to go to Iceland. It’s one place I always wanted to go but, when I looked into it a few years ago, was one of the most expensive countries in the world!

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