More gratitude


This week, I am thankful for:

  • doxycycline. I still have a cough but it is clearing up
  • having a friend who is a GP who listened to my chest and made the appropriate noises of sympathy.
  • my iPod, as always. And youtube
  • all the things I have to do that shake me from my occasional torpor!
  • Getting the job in the clinic
  • Having a great running group, even though I got sent home today for coughing all over everybody.
  • The prospect of travel. Some people use alcohol and drugs to escape. I just escape.
  • All your comments from an earlier post.

Another good product of all of the navel gazing I have been doing – I have figured out what nurturing myself really means.

It means treating myself as I would a good friend, or the way a mother treats a beloved child.

This means saying nice things to myself, spending quality time with myself, feeding myself nutritious and comforting food, finding novel ways to bring out the best in myself, not expecting too much of myself, patting myself on the back and reflecting back on mistakes in a manner which is not self-castigating.

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  1. I love “all the things I have to do that shake me from my occasional torpor!” – I need to have that attitude about more of the things in my life that sometimes frustrate me. I get upset about things like work or rowing or my family because they get in the way of my somewhat-less-than-productive naval gazing…but deep down, I know that those things are there to take me OUT of my depressive/anxious thought patterns. What a great statement.

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