Pyjama Philosophy


Man, it has been a hard couple of days, but ones which have left me with clarity.

I have come up with a few things in the last few days, just thought I would share them.

Some phrases that we have are bullshit.

Like glass half full. Are you a glass half full or empty person? Well, the glass is sometimes full, sometimes empty. If it gets empty, there is more water to put in there, especially now that we are out of the drought in Melbourne.

Like the grass always seems greener on the other side. What other side? Where? It is all one pasture!

Similarly, being on track. There is no “track” to get on. If there were a “track”, life would be a bit easier. The “track” is just there to make us feel guilty. Damn track. Same as the wagon, you are either on or off it. There is no wagon. I prefer a Mercedes Benz. Or failing that, my Astra is fine. Except that, at the moment, there is an acrid smell coming from it. That can’t be good, better get it serviced.

On owning your own home, the great Australian/American dream. Home is where you make it. Most of the world have no roof over their heads. Most of the rest of the world rent. They are perfectly happy doing so. In most of the world, property ownership is only by the very rich. In the US/Australia, it has been put out there as a dream for everyone, and it is becoming increasingly out of reach, and this drives recession and misery and feelings of failure.

The Great Australian/American dream is just a ploy made up by the banks to get us sucked in, I have decided. Owning your own home is fine, but it is not the be all and end all. Hell, it won’t even make you happy.

And I fucking hate the song “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with”. It is bullshit.

That is my 2 cents for the day. I am going out for a run. It could get ugly.

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  1. My favourite on the glass half full thing was a quote I saw that was something like ‘glass half empty, glass half full — who cares so long as there is more wine in the bottle!’

  2. Renting wouldn’t be so bad if landlords weren’t arseholes who constantly made you feel like you could be turfed out on a whim. I was so relieved when I bought my house because I’d spent 10 years renting and had moved 7 times, the insecurity gets too much after a while.

    That said though, property prices, both to buy and rent, in the country are fucked.

  3. Bugger the half – I want mine always full – with wine! As for the grass, who cares what the colour is as long as it doesn’t need mowing. I agree on the track, who’s is it? why is it right?

    Property is always expensive for every generation – dream? not sure, but it’s better than renting.

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