What a big few days.

My thoughts are with the beautiful people of Japan. With Kathryn. I am glad Kath is safe and well (and from the sounds of it, reportingthe situation in bemused observance).

It is very cataclysmic – flood, cyclone, earthquake, tsunami. A sharp reminder to live each day to the full, we never know which will be our last.

Went for a big, long run yesterday. Capital City Trail from Brunny to Collingwood, past the Childrens farm. Went up the stairs and went down Gipps st. Got a Gatorade. Walked and sipped down Wellington st. Then found Johnston St and ran along it from Hoddle to Nicholson st. Caught the tram north to meet Hubby at Milkwood. Arranged to meet him on Public Phone – it has been a while since I have used one. It was a hot, sweaty run, with some difficult hills in there. I walked them, but ran the rest, keeping all of your advice in mind.

Headed up to Bendigo to spend time with Ian’s mum. Had a lunch out in the sticks today. Candydog got to fraternise with some other dogs. She was quite chilled, there was gregarious butt-sniffing going on. Apparently a face-to-face greeting is too confrontational for dogs. Ate lots. Including Pavlova.

Have had an awfully sore back today – have finally managed to dull it with stretching, paracetamol and finally some Riesling (a glass and a half, the Cadbury Principle). Have got my ethics done – can kick back a bit now.

Back to Melbs tomorrow. Labour day is not a University Holiday so technically I am meant to go in, though I have done the work on the weekend. I might do some shopping and cooking. Preparation.

I have been challenged to a week of Optifast, by one of the nurses in my research centre. She was in a trial, was obese, took it for 12 weeks and is now a lot slimmer. She told me that it is only fair that if I try it on my elderly trial patients, I should try it on myself, especially given that I am at no risk of wasting away. I will try to do it when there is not much else on. I may have to withhold the PT for a week and do weights instead, to ward off muscle mass loss (though ketosis is a good way of preserving muscle mass). I will blog every day while on this. You can be the judge as to how coherent I am on it. Now, which week to do it? Shall I just do it over 5 days?

I start with the PT this week. 11 Marathons guy. A 6am start on Tues with a 1km time trial. Eeek!


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  1. I know those steps and I always walk them!!!

    1km time trial is a good start, just go out comfortably and concentrate on holding a steady pace, don’t strain.

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