On second thought…


I am all for empathy with patients and everything, but I do not think I will try the Optifast.

I would not try chemo just to get a feel for the side effects, nor have abdominal surgery. I am not obese, so I do not need the Optifast.


I am scared it will bugger up the hunger centre in my hypothalamus and put my hunger hormones (leptin, ghrelin, adiponectin – look on Wikipedia, I will test you on this) into a state where I am forevermore hungry and not fidgety.

More simply, I have been working hard on mindful eating and regular exercise for enjoyment, not punishment. I am happier and thinner as a result. I have been in a peaceful, neither on diet or off diet place.

It has occurred to me that I CAN get to my goal weight, myself, without the need to take Optifast. It will just take longer. I have plateaued a bit, but I can tighten up my eating, cut back the grog (it hurts my stomach lining) and will be cranking up the exercise with the PT.

I went to the MIL’s this weekend, usually this is an orgy of food and grog with consequent guilt, but I was very calm and did not overstuff myself at all. I mindfully partook of pavlova, and took the smallest slice without getting all anxious. I even did a little ommm, nom, nom, nom action. Very yogic.

My MIL struggles with her weight. She is always in the diet/broken diet mindset, has been since 1985. I told her that if she did not want to eat the choc chip biscuits she bought, she might consider throwing them out. She got quite rattled by that. It is a mind game.

So no optifast. I have races to train for, I cannot do that while ketotic. That’s it.

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  1. When I did my nurse training (the old fashioned way, and a long time ago) our tutors made us “experience” what is was like for the patient when certain things were done to them. Trying Optifast would have been pleasurable compared to some of the things we did to ourselves

  2. Yeah if you’re only doing it for a week Optifast won’t help you with training definitely. As your body switches over into ketosis- as you know- it’ll do nothing but drain you until you go back on to normal food. I think it’s the right decision.

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