Hermit Crab.


These little critters, when disturbed, like to scuttle off. They also hide in a shell and can shrink into it when they see fit.

Such similarity to this little crustacean is par for the course. I have not had such a good day.

Still, I have not given in to my very strong urge to head to bed during the day. I could not face bodystep, so I went and did some gentle-ish exercise on the gym equipment, still breaking a sweat. I wanted to eat chocolate as a self-soothing measure but I knew it would not help (I tried it on Saturday).

Exercise, big bang theory and reading. Generally keeping distracted. Sitting it out till it settles.

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  1. Hang in there, it will pass. To be totally honest, since finishing boot camp I am feeling pretty low myself and my motivation is just not there also. I just keep plodding along.. even if I feel like I am not enjoying myself.

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