Further uptown.


Thankyou for the comments.

I feel better today. More normal, almost like nothing happened. I had a good day at work, it was all fine. I laughed, worked, made the odd offbeat/inappropriate joke.

I am sitting in front of Undercover Boss USA. It is a sad, sad show, so I might just change over to Big Bang dvds.

I went to the sports doc today about my knee. I have had patellar crepitus (a disconcerting audible crunch in my kneecap) when walking up and down stairs ever since trailwalker. Worse during/after the trip. And sore.

I have a bit of a arthritis phobia – I see all of the horrible end stages of osteoarthritis all of the time, and I worry that crunch may precede seizing up and incapacity.(ie usual hypochondria related to being a doc)

It turns out that the significance of patellar crepitus is unclear – sometimes arthritis develops, sometimes not. I have some irritability in the patello-femoral joint also (just in the left). He gave me some info on knee taping too.

I just need to do what he told me last time – mix it up a bit, don’t smash it. I feel a bit silly. But oh well. I didn’t think I would get an appointment so early, I thought I would have to wait till after Christmas. Nowadays, you need to get a referral from a GP for the sports doc(but I got to refer myself, thankyou very much).

180 degree change in topic – I love Frankie magazine. It is full of actual good stuff to read. Stuff from Marieke Hardy, who is the cutest, funniest, prettiest little thing (who can cuss like a sailor and is generally very wickedly funny). I told her that I loved her when I met her. Not love in a romantic way. Just in a pinchy cheeks and big hug way. NOTHING about which celebrity is boning which, nor who lost weight. Nothing about weight loss. I have made it a point never to buy a weight loss magazine or book again. I have not bought one for a couple of months now. Part of my mental health conservation plan.

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  1. I didn’t see your last post in time, glad you are feeling a wee bit better today. Crepitus is a crappy thing but such a great-sounding word don’t you think? Very medieval.

    Frankie sounds like a great mag, wish there was something like that over here!

    Take care comrade xx

  2. Glad you’re feeling better. Yeah, we’ll have to get together again soon!

    It is patella-femoral syndrome that I have too. I think my solution is working (less running, more riding). I haven’t had an anti-inflam for some time now!

  3. I stopped buying shitola mags ages ago — occasionally when I’m in a cafe or at the doctors, I flick through (well used, when they were in English). They really are shite. You have to wonder who actually gives enough of a shit about this stuff to buy them. Mags like Frankie, you can keep for ages and always get inspiration. Celeb mags… well I guess you can keep reading the same one over and over because it’s like Jennifer Aniston, broken up with her bf again, Lynsey Lohan in rehab… again…blah blah blah

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