Hit with the lurgy stick


I do not get colds very often so when I do, I do it properly.

I took a day off work yesterday because I was still leaking snot all over the place and in a hospital, that is not very sanitary. Today I went to work but felt crappier than ever, had to sit through a loooooong tuesday meeting. I was completely exhausted and had to go home afterwards. The boss was sick also so we both went home and left the beautiful Paraguayan to do the work – hope she doesn’t catch it.

My throat feels like a hot poker has gone down there, and I am talking like a castrate. Not happy at all. I am feeling a bit better after a nap.

Hopefully I start feeling better soon – I do actually want to finish this 10km race, with a semi-decent time. I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of Andrew. Unfortunately my running can be the first thing to suffer.

I do not have a very good appetite- I have even gone off chocolate and have not even consumed one of the chocolatier hearts we received from the Japanese Mountain retreat. I even baked a cake last night to take to work- positive proof that I must be very ill!

I do not know what I want for dinner but the first thing that springs to mind is Fish and Chips with vinegar and very cold lemonade to wash it down. Vinegar is an old nanna cure for lurgies. The viruses cannot survive in vinegar and fish and chips are an excellent vehicle for this. mmmmmmmmmm…..

sooky me says “I just want to feel better”

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