Snotty weekend away.


Ian arranged a little getaway for our weekend – we went to the Japanese Mountain retreat. This little (expensive) B&B is in Montrose, a very pretty part of Melbourne. They fed us a lovely Japanese dinner and we had a lovely bottle of pinot with it. We had a spa in our room looking out over a little Japanese Garden. We slept on a futon and this morning we had a hot stone massage. We are both feeling very relaxed – with one thing or another it is the first time in aaages we have both been de-stressed at the same time.

Unfortunately I have picked up Ian’s cold – I don’t normally get colds, because after a stern lecture from an infectious diseases physician, I am very careful with my hand hygiene. Ian is less careful and does not de-bug (use the hand solution) – his excuse is that he does not really lay hands on his patients, doing psychiatry and all. Unfortunately I cannot debug after contact with my hubby so here I am, the snot princess. It can really ruin a massage – lying face down on a massage table with snot dripping out. Oh well.

I feel a bit tired and achy as well as being really snotty. So no exercise.

Had another bit of a food-related epiphany this weekend- I was starting to feel guilty about the indulgences of the weekend (they were moderate and I did not over-stuff, or consume all the complimentary goodies or skoll the bottle of wine) but then I thought, no, if I am being careful generally then I must fully enjoy an indulgence, especially if it has been a moderate one. Yin and yang and all that stuff.

I really need to get the car washed. It is filthy. Might go do that now. And buy, among other things, tissues.

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  1. One of the guys from work came into my tiny little office spluttering and coughing away and I just told him to get out. I don’t want to tempt fate, but I rarely get sick and this is because I am very cautious about sick people- and meticulous about de-infecting my hands! I hope Ian is slaving away trying to make you feel better!

  2. Boooooo! Hope you’re on the mend soon comrade. We’ve had colleagues barking all over the place this past week, there was no escaping despite my zealous handwashing.

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