Day 11 of 12


In a row at work….no wonder I am feeling a bit crusty. However, I have exercised 3 of the 4 last days.

I have been trying to stay sane about myself (unlike the bleating and head-mess of last week) but the eating has been a bit here and there. The meals have been ok but there have been little additions (like home made biscuits, wine, etc). At least I am conscious of it, and exercising, which I suppose stops me from gaining too much……(trying hard to see the positive).

I went to a drug company do last night  – for a cognitive enhancer – at The Point at Albert Park lake. the dinner was a bit average. Good chocolate brownie at dessert though. Lots of hot air being spoken by some of the “eminent old boys club” in my specialty. Thankfully this club are a dying breed being replaced rapidly by smartarse females, like myself. Which can only be a good thing.

Big weekend planned – run with Shells (to chase down and hog-tie her mojo), art class, and then dinner hopefully at Cumulus Inc. Then on Sunday, brekky with the girls, then SATC 2 (fully prepared to hate it, apparently the fab four are now shallow skanky botoxed ho-bags, loved the series though). Then having my little sis over for dinner.

Now – watching my favourite Nerd-migos – the Big Bang theory. Will have to have a Big Bang party. Need to get the DVDs. And make the diet virgin cuba libres.

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  1. I love Big Bang Theory too- it is my favourite and I am prepared to be ridiculed over it! I can even giggle over the repeats.

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