….for we are FREE!


Ian found out last night that he passed his clinical exam in Psychiatry, which means no more exams for either of us. He was very surprised and shocked – he checked the result multiple times. He was very upset after the exam, thinking he had failed. However, one is never in any fit state to accurately judge their performance under that amount of stress!

To explain, postgraduate exams in medicine are really, really hard – the preparation is combined with working full time. You have to pay a lot of money to sit them. You cannot advance in your career unless you pass them. And there is absolutely no guarantee that you will pass – pass rates for clinical exams range from about 30-65%, depending which specialty. And Ian failed the exam the first time, so there was even more pressure and misery this time. So it has been a bit of a stressful year or so in our end of the world, because both partners are essentially doing the exam. He went through it with me when I did mine in 2007 – luckily I got through them first go.

It is good to have each other back – with one thing or another it has been a few years since we have both been happy and relaxed together. He woke up a different man this morning! 🙂 I am thinking of getting a bike so that we can go on rides together; Ian likes riding more than other exercises and he needs to do more exercise. I saw a nice girly pushbike with a big cushy seat on it but I may be ridiculed by more “serious” bikers.

Anywho, me and Shells went for a run this morning – I have been ambling about over the past few weeks, and Shells has not done any running since TW. We did well – we ran for an hour, but it was slow – we went 8 km. That included drink breaks. Which was a good effort, especially for shells. We also picked up the pace a little at the end – shells was entertained by a cacophony of grunts and growls from me. Next time we will go an hour and see if we get any further than 8km – the runkeeper app will be good for monitoring progress. The hip was ok but the ITB was a bit tight – will need to go in for another hurty massage soon.

I am very excited as I am going for my art class this arvo, then to Cumulus inc for a celebratory dinner with my hubby. Happy days.

Tomorrow, off to see SATC 2 with my school girlfriends. I am prepared to hate it. I have a vitriolic review being prepared in my mind – I am at my best when I am a bit angry. One particularly scathing review of the movie stated that it was like being lobotomised with a pink teaspoon. Hehehe.

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  1. As a slightly more “serious” biker, I would never ridicule your girly bike. I think getting a bike so you can have some lovely rides together is an absolutely wonderful idea! Just do it!

  2. Trust me, the seat is the most important part! But it isn’t always about cushiness- matching up where your “sit bones” go is more important. I wouldn’t be too worried about serious bikers at all. I have bought Dean a mountain bike and we love cycling together.

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