A beating.


Well we went for a trailwalker session today. Me, Shells and Jay. Grants to Mt Evelyn. 2 sections of the trail. The hardest sections.

It was a real shock to the system. It was hot and steep (up and down) and long.

I wore my new hiking boots, without a breaking in period, this proved to be wise, as there were some pretty uneven segments that were ankle-threatening!

I had a lot of self-doubt through it – I thought, I’ve lost fitness, I’ve gained weight, I can’t do this! I was quite a bit slower than Jay and Shells, and walked quite a bit of the track 50 or so metres behind them.

But I did do it and will do the 100km. The worst bit though – the chafing. Not feet. Not under-boob…..Somewhere else. Have sent the hubby out for vaseline (bodyglide stings)

I have otherwise been feeling a little more down than usual, a few of the old negative thoughts coming back. I had a bit of an epiphany on the walk that this may have something to do with all the alcohol I consumed on holiday – it may  make things worse. Quitting? Will do this for a month. Long term? Would be difficult; I enjoy my wine but sometimes overindulge. Would it be easier to give it away than keep to 2 glasses of wine a week strictly?  Hmmm.

On a happy note – the walk got rid of 40 points or so. Also I lost 1.2 kg in weigh in today; a lot of this will be aeroplane swelling but still….

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  1. I hope the chafing settles.

    Re the wine, I’d just try to reduce consumption to a moderate level, and drop the sessions where you over indulge. Remember, a glass of red is actually good for you!

  2. hey, you should be proud of yourself, this section of the course is hella hard and you conquered it! over the next 10 weeks, we’ll work on getting your confidence and fitness up. congrats on the 1.2kg loss! that’s excellent. ps. the holiday weight will go once you go back to your normal eating habits. re: the alcohol, well it’s not the solution for everybody, but i’ve given it up completely. i did it for completely diff reasons though, for the weight loss and also because I never really enjoyed drinking.

  3. Cilla you did a fantastic job yesterday, no matter what speed we did.

    As you mentioned yourself, get on that treadmill and crank up the incline and just walk and walk and walk 😀

    It’ll all come good on the day!

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