Wine is a calorie bomb. Or a points bomb.


I don’t quite know how they work out the points for weight watchers. I think they reconcile the calories with the overall “badness” of the food.

Take chocolate. 1 x 500kj is about 2.5 points. A glass of wine, about 400kj, is also 2.5 points. Both of which I had today. At the pictures (surely if it is part of the entertainment, then it doesn’t count, right?? Wrong!) A nectarine, 300kj, might be 1.5 points.

I am allowed 24 points a day, plus any extra I exercise off. But it is best not to have those points. Thus far, I have eaten some, but not all of the extra. Call it weaning.

I have also learned that in the past, I have been blatantly kidding myself. I will have to eat the most of the foods with the lowest points, which, incidentally, are fruit and vegetables.

So chocolate and wine are bad. Hence I am banishing them for the month of febuary. I hear you all starting to cackle, but I swear, I have done it before. For a whole, 31 day month.

Tomorrow, I am off for a walk with Jay and Shells for TW training. Hacketts. THE Hacketts. We are starting at fart of sparrow (0700) as it is gunna be a hot one.

P.S. I really frickin hate the way my thighs rub together when I am wearing a skirt and it is hot. It gives a painful rash. It sucks. There. I said it. And hopefully I will be rid of it.

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  1. I really understand about the legs rubbing together *big hugs*. Make sure you take care of that area, if it does become painful.

    And weight watchers stuff, my bf’s whole family is in weight watchers and they really dig it. Wine seems to be okay and they get under their mark after a while of practice. So just imagine you can’t have it NOW but you’re working your way toward it in the future đŸ™‚

  2. I just gave up and bought spanks/ Nancy Gantz pants- my legs always rub. I have had my greatest weight loss on WW- it is great- they have a converter that tells you how they work out the points. I saved all my exercise points for beer- not a good habit!

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