Latterly, this week.


It just hasn’t been that busy at work. So plenty of time to relax!

Wednesday – pilates.

Thursday – Did a contemporary ballet class at Chunky Move studios. Really nice. Very different to Jazz Ballet. More expressive. Different music. Instructor (female) with hairy armpits(!?) which of course I don’t particularly care about.

Friday – our Fuhrer (hint hint “Sauce Bottle”) came to my workplace and my resident and I were running about giggling like little schoolgirls! We were trying to meet the Fuhrer but got thwarted by his minders. And the tealady got a photo with him!

Friday evening: Hubby and I caught up with our friend Ollie and her friend Winnie from Hong Kong. We had a wonderful night. First, we went to Hu Tong for dumplings, and then we went to the Melbourne Supper club for wine, cheese and chocolate coated almonds. The three best food groups, I say! It was really nice at the MSC with comfy chairs and not too loud music. Our waitress managed to pout, pose, pour the wine and prance away. Very flirty, but with all of us. The male waiter had a very spiky hairdo and I told him he looked like an older, brunette Bart Simpson which he really thought was funny (or at least goodnaturedly acted like it).

This morning, Chunky Move contemporary class again. I actually joined up as a member. The instructor was a different female with hairy armpits. She thought she was teaching an intermediate class instead of beginners, so she took us through some more complex floorwork, good for the abs and legs.

It was fun. Sensuously so. An affirmation of life and the body. The instructor turned the mirrors around so we couldn’t see ourselves and could just focus on the movements. We did things we never thought we could.

I am high on it right now.

After dance, went to lunch in Williamstown (western suburbs Brighton) with the girls.

But enough waxing poetic. Gotta do some lounging about, tidying and finishing off my presentation.

ta taaaa

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  1. Have just caught up on your blog Cilla.

    Like Sara, I just nodded with all that you wrote about how you feel around food, drink etc. I really sounds the same way that I feel.

    Don’t all the contestants on Dancing with the Stars lose tons of weight dancing? The whoosh fairy will be along shortly I’m sure.

    And I’d love for you and Shells to be part of the Trailwalker team. It would be so much fun having you along for the ride.

    Please seriously consider it. Just need to know before the start of October as registrations open then and it fills very quickly.

  2. hey chunky move are great. i used to work for the company that did their publicity. gideon obarzanek (the director) and his wife/dancer (lucy guerin) are very talented and amazing people. (…and gideon is hot heehee)

  3. The dancing sounds awesome- I love dancing and would love to get into some aerobics classes in doing them or even professional dancing. I used to do swing dancing *sigh* I miss it. It’s great to hear you’re enjoying it so much!

    BTW- I’m logged here under “dietdietdiet”because I have a new, separate blog I’m trialling at the moment so don’t be confused! It’s Scarlett-

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