A poem for Sare.


Apologies for the break between blogs. Have been working on a poem. It is for my friend who has been struggling with severe depression. I don’t want to wax lyrical about demons etc. I just want to make my feelings clear.

Oh baby girl, I see you there,

You look so sad and broken.

All I can do is smile at you,

It all just feels so token.

‘Cause all I want, yes all I want,

Is just for you to be well.

I know no words will be enough

To take you from your hell.

Wanna pick you up, just pick you up

My dear, you look so flat.

Just yank you by the shoulders

But it doesn’t work like that.

I know it doesn’t work like that

‘Cause I have been there too.

I can see your mind ticking over;

Can see right into you.

Can see into your mind, girl

Your thoughts spinning unchecked

They corrode, erode and crush you

I fear you will be wrecked.

Despite your reassurances,

I just can’t help but worry.

That you will go too far one day

And we will all be sorry.

I do not mean to lecture you

Just want to be your friend.

Just want to see you better now,

For your light to shine again.

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