Quit yo’ jabba jabba!


As in Mr. T. I felt like saying this to everyone this morning.

It was a very long morning. I did not get lunch till 2pm with NO MORNING COFFEE. What kind of uncivilised society is this !?!?

When I headed back to the ranch for lunch, I was accosted by somebody wanting something (work wise) from me. I waved him away. When I finished lunch, I got back to him and said:

“You have to know something about me. If you see me at lunchtime, looking like my eyes are glazed over – don’t talk to me. I promise, after I eat, I will bring you the goods.”

Because lunchtime is sacred, particularly when you have to wait till 2 o’clock to eat it.

My calves are as sore as buggery today, got the whup-ass from the PT. Couldn’t descend stairs safely, I was whimpering like a little bitch.

Lunch with the Uni Ladies is off tomorrow – Poor Littlesare’s mum in hospital. She had a subarachnoid haemorrhage (nasty brain bleed) recently and I am sure it is just precautionary, but still….

Got my Half Mara number in the mail today. I am imagining the absolute exhausted JUBILATION that I will feel after crossing the line – not far away now!

In other news….will have to beg to differ with AJH re tassie pinot noirs. NZ pinots are much better.

better go massage my sad and sorry butt and quads.

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  1. Oh, and what time do you expect to finish the Run Melbourne Half – I’m trying to work out if it will coincide with my finishing the 5K (which should be about 10:25), but you’ll be gone by then, won’t you cos the Half starts really early doesn’t it?

  2. I’ve not entered the Run Melbourne race. I just haven’t got the oomph at the moment to do any races, especially as I really haven’t been training for anything, just been plodding along doing my own thing.

    Good luck with the half. I know you’ll do fantastically well 😀

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