…..like a little bitch.

That’s what I was doing at the end of the 18 or 19 k run that I did with Ms. Shells today. That’ll learn me for doing a long run within 72 hours of a PT session.

Afterward, we went to (hideously expensive) Kanteen for brekky. We had the $11 poached eggs on toast. The are nice eggs, to be sure. But 11 bux is way too steep. We also had the $7 toast to share. The good thing about the 7 buck toast is that it comes with an assortment of jams and NUTELLA. Sweet sweet nutella. It is really nice, especially after a long run.

I finally figured out why Kanteen is so expensive. We are paying premium for sitting with all the good looking people in Melbourne. Good looking people, dressed to the nines in their designer clothes, with their designer children and their designer poochies. The girls have make-up on! Make up, I tell you! Their prestige vehicles are parked along the road, with my stinky little Astra sat incongruously among them. And Shells and I take great delight in sitting among them, with sweaty hair and dank clothes, eating the least-trendy thing on the menu with aplomb. If we stink anybody out, all the better!

The other thing that shits me about Kanteen is that the menu is mis-spelled. Completely. Do they think that all the beautiful, rich folk would not pick this???

Anyway. Today I partook of some tomato sauce with my poached eggs (see, told you it was un-trendy). I had forgotten how much I like tomato sauce. I think I will write an ode to it. I need a sub-section of my blog, “Sassy’s poetry”.


I’d forgotten how I loved you;

Sweet salty tartness, good with everything.

Then the heartburn comes along;

O, the pleasure and the pain!


There, I like it.

Then out shopping at Highpoint.

Numerous things shit me about highpoint.

1. The search for a park

2. The crowds.

3. The folk dressed up in tracksuits, but with fully made up faces. You don’t look sporty, you just look like a bogan. And you know and I know that you never exercise, so why keep up the facade??

However, I did get me some new shoes. Not quite brown and not quite black.

The dog is making weird and disgusting noises behind me. She needs feeding. She has a propensity for pooping in the Garage. But when she puts her little snout on my leg and looks up at me with her poochie eyes, I forgive everything.

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  1. $11 for eggs – OMG 😯

    You could go and get a box of organic, free range, barn laid, gold cased eggs for that, along with the best organic, spelt, sprouted, grained bread too, then go along to the Yarra, use one of the BBQ’s there to cook your eggs and brown your toast, and have the best brekky that money could buy 😀

    Nice poem by the way 😀

  2. Damn I love tom sauce, I have it with just about everything, even, to the disgust of all around me, with Tuna Pie.

    It was banned from the table on Xmas day, granddad used to sneak it to me 🙂

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