2 days to India – On call.


It is my last on-call possibly for the year – wahey!

Have had McDonalds for dinner – feeling slightly dirty but don’t have it very often (ok, had it about 2 weeks ago but that is an anomaly). Also figure that they will prolly not have any in India. They had none in Cambodia or Vietnam. Only KFC and we reckon it is because Colonel Sanders looks a little like Ho Chi Minh.

Have to pack and get my salary packaging stuff in order.

Rash resolving.

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  1. They do have maccas in India, they got into trouble a few years ago for using the fries that had been flash fried in beef fat, they figured it was ok as long as they were advertised as being “cooked” in veg oil (because that is how they finish them in store). For the record though the fries in Oz are all vego.

    Don’t think you’ll get any all beef patties over there though.

    Enjoy the trip.

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