3 days to India – random stuff

  • Busy day at work today, expecting chaos after four days of inactivity but it was OK.
  • I have a rash over both medial malleoli, I don’t know where it came from.
  • I scored myself a flu shot (no, it didn’t cause the rash, the rash was there before.
  • My back is a bit stiff.
  • I got my new Woman’s health magazine in the mail – full of the usual shite. Mildly amusing shite, though. They just cannot make up their mind about eggs – one month they are bad, the next they are good ad infinitum. I quite like eggs and most sensible people say they are quite nutritious.
  • I have been getting in the quality time with the dog before my trip. She very much enjoyed Bendigo and was Spoiled Rotten!
  • To the list of things I have to do, I must add: photocopying passports, making Mr. Sassy get his antimalarials and flu shot, Buying dog food and leaving a cheque for the cleaner. Also making a list of stuff to pack (must not forget camera)
  • It is my last day of my current rotation on Thursday and I am glad as the job was starting to give me the shites.

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