Sassy, 1: Chocolate, nil.


There was a box of roses chocs at work today. I saw them. I circled them. I stared thoughtfully at them and sniffed them. But I didn’t eat any. Chocolate is a sometimes (and probably only weekend) food. I did good.

Yesterday, hubby and I went to see the movie “The Reader”. A beautiful, absorbing film. Kate Winslet is brilliant. The dress she wore to the Oscars today – not so much. She looked too austere and mumsy. She may be a mum but she is beautiful with a killer body (and she spent much of that movie with her kit off) and she should work it a bit.

On the Oscars outfits, there was nobody’s who I would have said “wow, that’s amazing” to. Anne Hathaway looked good. As did Heidi Klum (actually you can tar and feather her and she would still look the bomb). Nobody looked “amazing”. The best oscars outfit I have ever seen is the Michelle Williams frill neck yellow frock she wore when nominated for Brokeback mountain. A fashion risk that paid off in spades.

I have just finished watching “The biggest loser”, car wreck viewing. One of the evictees, a seriously obese lady, was crying that she would not be able to lose weight on the outside. She has just defeated herself then and there. She wanted to lose weight fast. It don’t work like that, except if you do optifast, which needs medical supervision, or lap banding. It is wrong, I know, but I just can’t stop watching it. McDonalds for the mind. 

I missed out on run class tonight; was stuck at a level crossing on the way home and that screwed me up. But I went on a fast-ish run to get vegie curry takeaway and walked back. A bit of exercise. I confess that I have lost a bit of interest in running lately but there is no doubt that it is a great way to get around. And you know, I had a good feeling while I was doing it. That people were watching and thinking “good on her”, not “what a big arse she has”.

Am typing as I watch good news week, Ajay Rochester is on it and she looks to have dropped a bit of weight. Her fadubadas are still flappin, though.


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  1. Did Amanda get booted out?! I missed it, I was cooking! Why did they kick the purplies out before the yellow girls???! I’m addicted to Biggest Loser too. I guess, it proves to me that massive weightloss is possible.

    Re: Oscars. Omg. what has Lisa Rinna done to her face???! (Michelle Williams yellow dress – stunning. I would’ve chosen yellow to my friend’s wedding but one of my other friends beat me to it, damn!)

    Re: lost interest in running. I haven’t lost interest, but the whole week’s worth of running after our long run, I have felt a bit ‘flat’ too. But I still run, just to do the distance, not really even worried about the time anymore. It’s weird and surprisingly enjoyable. I just didn’t feel that energetic last week.

    ps. your funk classes sound fun!

    Yeah, AJ looks like she has lost quite a bit of weight. Did she seem like she was overacting to you, like she was really trying hard to be ‘entertaining’? I think she overdid it a bit. By fadubadas, do you mean tuck shop arms? ha!

  2. We call them fadoobalahs at work! My boss once interviewed a woman who shot herself in the fadoobalah and that is how he described it to her in the interview ie. Him:”Why did you shoot yourself in the fadoobalah?” Her:”Excuse me?” Him: “The fadoobalah. Your tuckshop arm?”

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