My happy place.


I went to a dance class (well, actually, 2 in a row) at the Dance Factory today; beginners funk and beginners Jazz.

And I loved it. Love love loved it. That will be my new Saturday morning activity.

The funk class was run by a beautiful looking Italian man called Domenic. The jazz class was run by a gorgeous peppy little blonde called Carnie.

For the uninitiated, Funk is Hip-hop, the sort of stuff you might see in a J-Lo music video.

Jazz is what you see in Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video clip. You will be familiar with the Genres if you watch “So you think you can dance”.

I even got to dust off my old Jazz shoes. 🙂 

And to be honest, I loved watching my how my body moved. Instant feedback from the mirrors. It was by no means the smallest or thinnest body there, but it moved really well. 

Had better go sort myself out some visas (for India and Nepal) now!!

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