It’s on.


I did another 15km run yesterday- this time about 10-15 sec per km faster than last time. No Kouta spottings, unfortunately 😦 It did hurt a little at the end, but this is to be expected. I need to enter the PAIN CAVE.

I have been trying to find a half-marathon to enter as an interim goal to the London Marathon. No such luck. Though my training will likely involve a half-marathon time trial. If I can beat 2:37, then that will be a PB!

I had a friend cook me a roast chicken last night – very enjoyable. We will be holding a potato roast-off; a competition to see who can do the best roast spuds. Should be lively and enjoyable.

A big week coming up, lots of social events, lots of food – hopefully lots of running to keep pace with it!

My mojo is improving, in all respects.

I have been looking at my posts from a year ago, and reflecting on them. Reflecting on the year that was. A blog post is forming in my head as I type. I have some goals, and I hope to start on them even before the start of the new year. No nebulous new years resolutions, just solid, achievable goals.

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