Tokyo – stuff learned here.

  • Japanese tourists are japanese tourists, the same the world over. That is, happy, excited, animated and enthusiastic.
  • Tokyo is a very big, bright, dazzling and overwhelming city. We are staying in Shinjuku, in a part called Kabuki-cho, which is a red light district.
  • American tourists are also the same the world over – you can make your own assumptions
  • Cute shoes are cute but wreak havoc on ankles, feet and everything upwards of that. I wore my cute shoes yesterday for kathryn and lived to regret it. I bought a new pair today – a pair of smart mary janes that look cool, made by new balance ie the running shoe crew.
  • On the point of shoes, I always marvel at the way the Japanese ladies totter about on high heels..
  • Japanese do bloody good gardens – case in point, the Imperial Palace gardens and everything in Kamakura, where we went today to get out of the city.
  • They also do good shinto shrines. And zen buddhist shrines.
  • Things the Japanese are mad for: electronics, department stores, false eyelashes (males and females), halloween, christmas, wrapping bought goods up, cosmetics, hair dye, hello kitty and other kiddy stuff, soft serve icecream with flavours like sweet potato and green tea, surgical face masks, skin whitening cream, surgery to widen eyes (so Kath tells me)
  • Breakfast in western world: toast, cereal, eggs, bacon, pancakes. Breakfast in Japan: all of above except for cereal, bacon and pancakes, but anything else goes – Jap style stuff like miso soup, rice, kimchi. Though at our hotels breakfast buffet, fried fish and french fries were an unexpected (though not unwelcome) treat.
  • Serving sizes are small here but the food is filling
  • ummm, that’s it for the moment.
  • Oh yeah, I realised yesterday that I don’t really like miso soup.
  • Off to hiroshima tomorrow.

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  1. Make sure you go to Miyajima from Hiroshima- it is awesome! Must have comfy shoes- sure you feel silly when everyone around you looks amazing but shoes must be functional!

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