A change of topic.


Enough waxing lyrical and hinting about love…. It is but one part of my life.

Another part that I wish to work on is exercise. Fitness.

After the marathon, I had some post-achievement blues, I am sure my three faithful readers are familiar with them. There were a few other things going on at that time. I came home

Also, I was injured. I had a nerve root injury before the marathon, and 6:10:47 of running did a bit of damage. Unfortunately. I tried going back to running, but just got pain radiating into my buttock, hamstring and calf. I also got a bit of numbness in the side of my foot. Not good.

Frustrated, I went back to the sports doctor, saying “I wanna run”. He sent me to the physio, gave me some anti-inflammatories and mentioned the MRI/nerve root injection pathway.

I went, determined to run, but scared to.

The physio has been a bit more balanced about running, and has suggested a much more measured approach – 3 x 20 minute runs per week, to progress ONLY if no pain going below the buttock.

She also said that I should do some cross training. Gently, but she did.

I have come around to the fact that this might be a good idea, so I joined the gym.

As a student, it is cheap. The amount per fortnight is the price of a cheap-ish dinner out.

I went there with a bad attitude “I hate the gym, it is sweaty and crowded”. Before too long, I was bopping along on the elliptical, singing loudly to my iPod. 

Yoga, spin, Zumba classes….even a 30 minute core class! Wow! A new exercise world awaits.

While running yesterday, I got down on myself for being slow, for having put on weight. I then talked nicely to myself, saying “hey, you have done something huge, you have a neurological injury, you are doing well, just exercise, however you can!”.

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  1. Three faithful readers LOL
    you will heal. You will run again. You will get down on yourself and you will remember not to.
    PS I buy my leona edmiston dresses on ebay (only telling you this b/c you wouldn’t take size 4)

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