On alcohol (or, a whine about wine)


I loves my wine.

Red in the summer, white in the winter. I love it with food, and I love it with cheese. I love it by itself, by myself, or in company.

I respect the grape, and enjoy the food that goes with the wine. I appreciate it.

I have also developed a liking for cocktails too. Especially when travelling where the wine is neither affordable nor good. Margaritas have been my poison of choice. They are awesome with Mexican food.

I have done a really awesome job of going out and meeting people. Expanding my social circle. Going to new bars, restaurants, hangouts.

A glass or two of wine just takes the edge off the anxiety of meeting new people. Even though I am normally quite a social person, it is still hard to confidently introduce myself to new people. Absolutely mandatory

It serves a gustatory and social purpose.

There are a few problems, though, mostly to do with overconsumption. I have been drinking too much recently. I have been having a drink on most days. I have been hammered more times recently than I had in my whole life before. My body (and dignity) does not cop it as well as it would have when I was younger. But I didn’t do it when I was younger; I have, in a way been making up for lost time.

The problems are

  • Too much wine makes me ahem flirty, or maudlin. That poses a particular problem in certain situations….
  • It has added to my spare tyre
  • The thought of a night on my own at home without grog is a bit much to bear.
  • I have a history of depression and the ethanol goes and scrambles up my happy little neurotransmitters
  • I have a family history of alcoholism. But that’s another story.

I have joined up with Weight Watchers, on their pro-points program, more on that later. The new pro points system, while allowing a weekly margin for error which would appear generous, deals with alcohol quite harshly. 4 points for a glass! It used to be just 2!

Being a glass half full person (!), I thought that this would be the perfect impetus to cut back. Save it for the weekend. Not give up entirely (I am not a quitter) but cut back in frequency and quantity. A glass of wine with dinner out? Sure. Two, three, half a bottle? No. Damn….

Perhaps I also need to make my nights at home alone more pleasant in other ways…..I have had a think about that too.


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  1. I rarely drink at home so that has never been an issue. Socially, I learnt to take as long as long as possible before drinking so you realise everyone has social anxiety. Still drink a fair bit when travelling to mix with ppl but figure that is so rare it’s ok.

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