Exercise makes the bum smaller (?) and the head clearer.


I woke up bright and early this morning.

Rather than stay in bed and daydream, I decided I would get up and exercise. My back hurt, but I would exercise.

I went for a big long walk. I said good morning to my hood.

That, and last night’s self-care, are making me feel a whole lot better.

I would love nothing more than to run. I am off to the sports doctor on monday. I hope to run again, soon. I want to see my squad girls. I have booked in for a 10km race on Melb Marathon day, and I want to do well in it. Perchance a PB?

It’s not gonna happen just at the moment, the back won’t let me.

But I gots to move. It helps my mood, endlessly. I don’t have to flog myself. I can keep it gentle.

I would like to aim for 40 minutes of exercise, 5 days per week. That can be my goal for the moment, to keep me motivated.

I get candydog access on the weekend. I have some good things planned this week, so it is not so gloomy.

My curried sausages were even better for lunch.

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  1. Hope yer doing okay today comrade. I’ve resolved to make curried sausages for dinner on the weekend. It’s allegedly summer here but the temperature is the same temp as Melbourne right now, hehe.

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