Another week has gone by.


Another week has gone by.

I have had a back/nerve root injury, so I have not been running. I am investigating other exercises. I am thinking crossfit.

My week has been eventful. Lots of little adventures. Seeing parts of inner Melbourne that I’ve not seen….St. Kilda…..a Synagogue in Caulfield… places I forgot, like the Panama dining room and bar, with its high windows and sweeping views.

I have cooked dinner for friends – rich, tender meat stews. Red wine. Good conversation. Lovely.

I have been on a date, or two. Kept my eyes open. Made assessments, not conclusions.

I caught up with Candydog on Saturday, and took her out on a walk with a friend. We had a lovely day. Poor little dog is slowing down a bit, but she still loves her mummy.

I have downloaded music I like. I have booked in to see a live music show, Daniel Merriweather….always wanted to do more of that.

I went to a Meetup for Lunch – enjoyed some great, cheapish food, and good conversation. Tried to keep my mind in the moment rather than have it whizzing along checking my phone.

I have worn my nice clothes. Put on makeup. Made my hair look lovely. Made the best of what I have. Why should I not?

An email from somebody that bought an unbidden tear to my eye….. the emotion is part and parcel of it. I can handle it now.

I wake up with the question “What will I do today?” “Where shall I go?” “What little adventures will I have?”……18 months ago it was “what will I eat?” “how will I exercise?”

The exciting thing is that, for the former few questions, I can do or go anywhere I like. Nothing to stop me. Well, apart from practicalities. Practicalities inspire imagination.

Life is unpredictable and rich. And mine.

I am coming back to my former self….perhaps even stronger, with a less assailable sense of self-worth. It will fluctuate with the circumstance, but hopefully stay robust.

Strong. Unique. Worthy. Loving. Brave…..Worthy.

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