Who is excited? MEEEEEEEE!




Yes, me. Although that is obviously not me.

It is one month and one day till the London Marathon!

I went to the physio yesterday for a hurty massage. She told me yesterday that, when she first met me in Feb, she was very worried about how I would hold up to the training, given how sore and tight I was. Then she said how impressed she was about how fit I looked, and how much stronger I was. There were tight bits, but there were very well maintained bits.

It shows that even a self proclaimed ducky like me can do it.

I was chatting on an ahem dating site with a male runner. He was quite cute from his profile pic. I told him that I was doing a marathon.

The conversation went a bit like this

Me: I am doing a marathon

Him: What training are you doing, how many times per week

Me: Speed, long runs, hills/strength, medium long run, 5-6 hours per week.

Him: You won’t be able to do a marathon.

Me: well, Brian seems to think so. And I won’t worry about doing it fast, I just want to finish.

Him: I would want to do it properly rather than just finish

Me: What does “properly” mean?

Me: Have YOU done a marathon?

Him: Uhhhh….you know, fast. No – have done some halves, mainly run 400/800 metres.

Him: (posts link to womens marathon training, contains training plans of Paula Radcliffe et al)

Me: Gee, thanks. I see some similarities there with my training program, but they are elite, I am beginner. Plus I work/study etc.

Me: It is mostly about winning the battle between my ears, about telling that little voice in my head that tells me that I can’t do it to shut the hell up. That hits after running for 2and a half hours, anyone who has run longer than this knows.

Him: yeah….

Me: And is running a 5 hour marathon any less of an achievement than a 3 hour marathon?

Him: ok

We could go on but I think you get the point. Douchebag.

Those who are first to criticise are usually the ones who have not pulled their fingers out, who are too scared, and want you to be too. Fuck ’em.

Some speed training tonight, then a medium long run in the morning. I dunno – something like 15km? Hmmm. I have been told to try and get to 55-60km for the week.


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  1. Douchebag – I don’t think there could be a better description. Running a 5 hour marathon is a hell of a lot harder than a 3 hour marathon. Go Cilla!

  2. “And is running a 5 hour marathon any less of an achievement than a 3 hour marathon?”
    many people do think this, alas. They are tools. This guy obviously thinks there is only one way to do things – his way.
    BTW do you know what they call the last person over the line on a marathon? A MARATHONER.

  3. Hmmm … Sounds like a nice guy. Love lbtepa’s comment about the last one across the line. What is important is how you will feel when you cross that finish line!

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