Living Large.


And, sorry, a bit busy to blog. I have had it at the back of my mind.

I have been running. Gaining strength, after that little ITB scare.

Last Sunday, I did a 25km long run – over 3 hours of fun and games. Slow as a bloody trickle. I wanted to go slow, as I wanted to protect the ITB.

I saw a lady that I often see running around prinny, but the opposite way. We high five each other. I asked her her name (Margarita). I saw another dude to high-five too. There were a few times when the ITB felt tight and I considered pulling the plug, but I stretched it and carried on. 

I knew what I was getting myself into this time – that I would feel quite happy till 20km, then the pain would start settling in – that burning pain in my buttocks (probably my pyriformis overworking). This puts all the other pains into perspective.

When the pain did come, it was not so bad. I had learned a phrase from a book “hello pain, come run with me”. When I stopped at 25km, then the pain washed down my legs, plus I felt really, really emotional. Probably because I was tired, hungry and in pain, but also because I had completed my longest ever run.

This past weekend was also a big weekend. I did a 10km run on Saturday, followed by a 20km run yesterday.

Yesterday’s run was awesome, I felt great, if not a little tight earlier on from the previous day’s training. At about the 8km mark, I felt a bit dizzy, and took a walk break. I got an endura rehydration sachet in me, and I felt better, so kept going out to 10km.

At the 10km mark, I decided I would try and negative-split it back. Most of my run was under the 7minute/km mark. I ended up negative-splitting it by about 3 minutes, and hammered home the last 1.5km. I felt so happy to be able to finish a 20km run strongly. After the run, I did the “chug, chow, chill”, sans chill. I slipped down a sustagen and had some barbecue flavoured chips (salty awesomeness). I continued to eat little things during the day. 

Running these distances, I get to think a lot. The thing I thought:

“Anything is possible; with hydration, carbs, appropriate footwear and attire, a high pain threshold and a measure of insanity”.  

Hell freakin’ yeah. I am feeling strong. Invincible almost.

Things have been coming together. Not only with my running, but also with my personal life, too.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have realised something. I have had quite a few dates, a few offers, but I have been a little skittish about going into a relationship. For many reasons, both internal and external to me. But the real breakthrough is this.

At the moment, I am quite happy being single.

I am quite comfortable spending a quiet one at home on a Saturday night. I don’t feel like a failure. I have enough to keep me busy.

Life, I feel, is a bit of an adventure at the moment. Not all of it “happy, happy, joy, joy” stuff; indeed, some of it has me wanting to faceplant on my bed, but overall, I am excited about my future, not dreading it. I suspect I have a lot more to learn about myself. Most of my needs are being met in a way which they have not before. I keep looking back at a letter sent to me by a dear friend, and it is all true – the loneliness and weirdness and emptiness is passing. Slowly but surely. I am still walloped occasionally, when I least expect it, but I can deal with it without an overwhelming urge to inhale a bottle of wine.

But back to the marathon….. I am at the pointy end of training now; this week is going to be a huge one, mileage wise.

Here is a little song that I listen to while running. The video clip is a bit lame but I love the sentiment.

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  1. ROCK. ON!! That is great. All of it.
    I sort of love that OMFG that hurts so much feeling after a long run, in a sick way. My post-race chippiness is sour cream and chives DeLites mmmmmmmmmmmm. Thanks for the song, it’s now on my ipod 🙂

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