Sri Chinmoy 15(.38) km race.


It was a hot one, man.

It was 25 degrees at 7am. I did my usual pre-run preparations – coffee, nutri grain, out the door. There were lots of folks, and car parking was a squeeze.

As I was queueing for the loo, I had a thought: The aim of the game is not to die today. I had some aspirations of a sub-1:45 run (that’s under 7 min/km). I was happy to revise them.

Of course, there were far too few loos.

The first five km were about finding a rhythm. I was a bit slow to start; I don’t usually warm up until the 4th km or later. After I warmed up, I played a mental game of kiss/kill/root….:D Lots of eye candy out and about. And a few dead men.

I whooped it up in the 2nd 5km lap, sang out loud, encouraged others to sing with me a rousing rendition of “Fat bottomed girls”.

I saw my coaches, who cheered me on and took photos, like proud parents. I made sure I smiled for the camera.

The last 5km was all about hanging in there. Heart and nerve and sinew.

I thank God (or whoever) for having Anita there, she is a runner in my squad, doing the Paris marathon. She is a mother of 2 and faster than me. We saw each other, high-5’ed each other. The second last time we passed each other, we hugged. The last time, I screamed at her to GO GO GO!!

I also saw one of the faster guys slowing down to a walk at the hairpin. I said “NO, DON’T STOP!!”. He ran. I cheered quite a few people on.

It was getting hot, and us “slowies”, the people over 90 minutes for the 15km, were the only ones out there. I thought, ahhh, pain, here you are, come run with me. Though it was not unbearable.

My iPod kept turning off. So I left it off. Only the sound of my feet and my breathing. It sounded like a waltz. Dub dub dub, dub dub dub.

After I finished, Coach took me by the arm and made me sit down (did I look like I was gonna die?) The nice St. Johns person bought me an ice pack and some water. Anita bought me some pancakes. Another girl came up and thanked me for cheering her on, telling me that it was my cheering that kept her hanging in there. I told her to go and enter the half marathon.

As is typical for a Sri C race, it was friendly and fun. Too few loos, but great. Weather sucked a bit.

Re: the fellow I was talking about….it is a situation that I wish I could press ctrl-alt-del on. I told him so. Hopefully all is not lost. We may catch up – I said I would like to meet him, and he said he would too, in a week or two. Hmmm.


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